Clothes swap party

This from last Thursday’s Farnham Herald, dated 1st May:

Transition Town Farnham is returning to the world of fashion with its second clothes swap party to tie in with the wedding and racing season.

Eco-boutique Purity, in Downing Street, opens its doors once again on Tuesday, May 5, to the women who have smart outfits, and evening dresses, hats and handbags languishing in their wardrobes.

Designer Eloise Grey, who co-hosts the event, said: “I’ve got loads of really special dresses, hats or bags that I got for weddings or a special event. I haven’t had the heart to get rid of them but they take up so much space in my wardrobe and quite frankly I can’t imagine when I’m going to wear them again.”

Paula Beaumont, who owns Purity, was delighted with the success of the last show and hopes this time round the later start time of 7.30pm will make it easier for mums and those who work to attend.

Clothes swap parties are a fun solution to keeping stylish during the recession. Guests are asked to bring along two to five items of clothing or bags and shoes and then they can take home as many items as possible from the event.

Individuals take turns to take one item and each person has a few turns before the ‘free for all’ at the end.

All proceeds raised from the £5 entry fee or extra clothes left at the end are donated to Farnham charity Liberty Foundation which has a shop in East Street.

The clothes swap party takes place from 7:30-9pm. People can book a ticket with Paula Beaumont on 01252 820055 or email contact [at] eloisegrey [dot] com or just turn up on the night.

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