“Wake up, Freak out…. then get a grip”

The emphasis of Transition is on Positive Futures: the idea that if we work together we can build a better future.

This is not something that is new. It has always been the case.

It is what brought us votes for women, democracy, the abolition of slavery, independence for India, …

The future is what we make it — for better or for worse.

But every once in a while it is important to remind ourselves that the time we live in is different. It is important to remember that there is a real and present danger that if we do not act now, there will be no future for later generations to do what we did not.

Thanks to Julia for this short film which explains it all (perhaps in a little too much detail here and there) but leaves us with the very clear message: “This is not the time to panic, or to despair. This is the time to act – while we still can”:

wake up freak out get a grip 2

The question, as always, is: what did you do?

The script, with peer-reviewed references and additional information and links, is available at wakeupfreakout.org

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