Notes from last night’s meeting

This week there was no ‘open’ space as there were only two topics for discussion.Photo-0133

The first was a brief discussion about the Garden Share.

Decided not to spend more money on getting more ‘gardeners’ and just let the scheme follow the path it seems to be following. Rob is going to speak at Farnham Gardening Society.

Secondly, Finn wanted to discuss the Welcome Pack.

We agreed the aims of the document:

  1. Provide a summary of Transition Farnham and Transition universally
  2. Remind people of our processes
  3. Summarise the key learnings from our experience and other TTs e.g. keeping a positive attitude

Finn stated that he would be happy if it was 80% perfect. David Hepper is one of the newest members of the group so he was asked what he would value in a Photo-0140welcome pack. Finn wanted to discuss whether anything was missing and needed to be included. It is intended that the pack will be used to provide a quick update as to what TF is about. It is not supposed to be a substitute for actually ‘talking’. A number of individuals put forward their thoughts. It was decided that a bit about Farnham and that it is now an ‘official’ Transition Town would be included to contextualise the pack. It was decided that we wanted the next version to include some of the flavour of Alex’s version, giving it a more emotional feeling. Photo-0139

It was stated that there is a clear distinction between the messages in the leaflet, and the welcome pack. The leaflet is to spread the message ‘this is us, and this is what we do’, whereas the welcome pack is for those who want to know more about how the meetings work.

Finn went over the reasons as to why we are doing this.

It was decided that the document could be a living document on the web, and would be printed off as and when necessary and be added to as the group grows. Nicci Hewett is doing the graphic design, and could provide the document as a pdf.Photo-0143It was decided that it needed to be visually attractive, but the design would be left up to Nicci

It was determined that Finn would make the changes to the welcome pack as discussed, Eloise would carry out a ‘sanity check’ on it, and then send it to Nicci. There was no need for a further review as enough time had been spent on this already.

Announcements and small items:


David Hepper talked about sharing information that he ‘finds’ in magazines.

PB talked about the orchards project (an online map is now needed), and the buy nothing new experiment (she has acquired a number of free tomato plants, a push lawnmower and a chicken coop!) PB had also visited the Bricks and Bread project in Aldershot (

PB is doing very well in her ‘buy nothing’ month.

PW talked about his ‘greening Badshot Lea’ project and also about the Farnham Carnival stall. Alex Scrivens, Chris Seckler, PB and PW held a meeting about the carnival stall. Volunteers are needed to help on the day (between 2pm and 9pm).

CS talked about the school visits that himself and Alex have been preparing. They were well received. He also suggested a ‘food for free’ walk or ‘open public foraging days’. At the end of the month there will be a ‘metal pour’ by the Metal Monkeys – a group of artists at the Iron Refinery in Farnham. This could be an opportunity to meet more of the community.

AS is talking to the Rotary group this week. He is also attending a Tranisition conference on the 23rd/24th May, and attending a teacher session on the 25th. He is also working to get a transition-themed mural on the underpass.Photo-0136

JH said that she was going to work on the leaflet again this week, and requested that everyone sent her a ‘one-liner’ of their project THIS WEEK.

RS and IB briefly discussed the Garden Share scheme. Ian is talking to the Farnham Garden Society next week.

EG announced that the Tranisition Training would take place on September 19th/20th in Elstead. People are requested to indicate their availability for these dates.

FJ mentioned that Waverley BC have offered us a meeting room to enable us to have a meeting with other Transition Towns in Waverley such as Haslemere and Godalmng. The group seemed keen to have an open space meeting and also to have a looser social get together.

Next week’s meeting (18 May)  is in the barn and Alex Scrivens is chairing.

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