Round up of the week

Welcome to another round up of the week — a week in which we discovered not only how much money some MPs have been paying themselves for living expenses, but also that while Obama is investing in the green economy, Britain’s only factory making wind turbines is about to close down!

Meanwhile here in Transition Farnham, we held our first meeting since the Bank Holiday.

buy-nothing-day 2006Since that last meeting Gayle Souter-Brown has launched a one-day training course in Sustainable Interior Design (run in collaboration with the Adult Education Centre and scheduled for June). The sustainable fashion group has held its second successful clothes swap party.We have launched a web page on how to keep chickens. And Paula Burgess has been experimenting to see if she can live for a whole month without buying anything new. You can read the blog of her experiences here.

At Monday’s meeting we focused mainly on two key topics.

The first was why more gardeners aren’t coming forward to join our Garden Share initiative. With over 150 people on the waiting list for an allotment it seems odd that more people aren’t coming forward to grow their own veg. (Perhaps they are shy?) If you know someone who would like to grow their own veg, and would like to make use of one of the twenty gardens we now have available, please let them know! Alternatively, if you can suggest where we might find more gardeners to join in the scheme, please let us know too 🙂

The second topic for discussion was our ‘Welcome Pack‘. We have now finalised a short document for new joiners, which is intended to summarise some of the key things we have learned and decided since we started (and make sure that when we’re talking to them we don’t forget anything really important!) The five page pack has now been passed to the Design Department (!), and will appear on the website soon.

Given that this was the first meeting we have had for a fortnight, there were quite a few announcements:

> Transition Haslemere are taking part in a pilot project to map local food webs. Some of our members are supporting them in mapping key resources around Farnham, as part of understanding what food is produced locally.
> The mid-summer party on 20 June will be a ‘Safari Party’, roving around various locations in the Bourne, and culminating at midnight on the longest day with the moths and creeping things, Oberon and Titania! Put the date in your diaries now…
> Paul Whewell has started a Greening Campaign‘ in Badshot Lea
> Paul is also progressing plans for the Farnham Carnival stall with Alex Scrivens, Chris Secker and Paula Burgess, and they are looking for volunteers to man the stall.
> Alex Scrivens and Chris Secker spent this week delivering “Transition lessons” at Heath End School. These followed a different format from the ones we gave at Weydon School, and we hope for a full report next week.
> Metal Monkeys will be pouring cast iron in public on 31st May in Badshot Lea (together with story telling workshop, facepainting and Hog roast/BBQ). Click here for more information.
> Chris Secker is thinking about organising foraging expeditions to gather food from the wild — please contact us if you are interested.

Finally, Alex Scrivens talked about Transition to the Farnham Rotary club this week. On Wednesday Ian Bysh and Rob Simpson met with the Farnham Garden Society. And on Thursday next week we have been invited to talk to Farnham Town Council. Hopefully we will have reports on all those meetings next week.

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