Wot — no plastic bags?

chadAn interesting thing happened when I was up in London yesterday.

I was in a bookshop, buying books, and when was offered a plastic bag to put them in I said (very politely) “No thank you.”

“Oh, that’s all right”, said the girl who was serving me, “I’ve really noticed since I started working here a year ago that people don’t want plastic bags any more. Unless it is raining. Otherwise, nobody wants a plastic bag.”

Which rather surprised me. And reminded me of the campaign that a couple of years ago some people here in Farnham tried to launch, to make Farnham a plastic-bag free zone. It seemed not to work then. But now it seems that it is happening, all by itself.

Which also reminds me of one of the principles we developed here in Transition Farnham — our job is not to make everything happen. Our job is to help happen what wants to happen anyway.

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2 Responses to Wot — no plastic bags?

  1. Paula says:

    ….unlike in a card shop I was in last month. I refused the plastic bag they tried to give me for a card, and was then laid into by the shop assistant telling me that it was too small a thing to make a difference, and that global warming was all a lot of rubbish. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. However, I certainly won’t be going back into that shop.

    I have been refusing plastic bags for about 10 years – ever since an x-boyfriend went to Germany and brought me back two cloth bags that they used in the supermarkets out there. Back then I used to get a lot of abuse for refusing bags in shops in the UK, so I got pretty hardened to it. Now at least *most* people don’t look at you as if you are alien 🙂

  2. That’s definitely true all over the place in London, I’ve noticed – not just book shops. People tend to bring their own bags when they shop most places. It’s good…

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