Notes from Monday’s meeting

Notes from last week’s meeting..sorry for the delay

There were four items for discussion on Monday.

Oil in Runfold

Mike suggested we discuss our position on extracting oil in Runfold, because it is not absolutely clear what our stance should be.  Local oil could lend a degree of local resilience, although it is unlikely the oil would be refined locally.

Farnham Town Council

Finn led a group discussing next steps following the meeting with Farnham Town Council. It was agreed that Finn would write to the Chief Executive/Lady Mayoress (whatever her correct title is) suggesting a follow up meeting in July, at which we would go into a little more detail, suggest the kinds of actions that might be appropriate for Farnham, and have a discussion about which (if any) the council would like to participate with.


Tom is showcasing electric transport in the Festival of transport this Saturday.  He is taking part in the parade and showing off his new electric scooter by having a find the engine competition.  He wouldn’t mind some help on the day, and he also needs a stand for a poster (any ideas anyone?)

Heating our homes

Paul and Rob wanted to talk about the best ways to heat houses.  Heat exchangers using air and ground as the heat source, domestic Combined Heat and Power (CHP) units, fuel cells fuelled by natural gas were all considered.  The discussion became quite technical and terms such as entropy, system boundary, life span and energy balance were all used.  We all determined to read the book by David McCabe: Sustainable Energy without the Hot Air. Talking of which – we now have a transition library.  Thanks Tom and Finn and Anyone Else who has agreed to lend stuff.


There were quite a few notices this week:

  1. Joyce knows a very good chap versed in the installation of water conserving equipment, solar installations and the like.
  2. Bricks and Bread has opened in Aldershot.  They have a website.  They buy eco-building supplies in bulk and supply the public and act as a resource for training and showcasing good practise. Well worth a visit
  3. Paula has finished her month of buying nothing new.  The first thing she did was pick up some magazines.  Read her blog for more details.  Joyce wants to live for a month without plastic, and we all thought we might take back extraneous packaging to the supermarket.  Shall we organise a day to do it?
  4. Tom has finished the Greenway pages and has designed and prototyped a clever joist extension to enable Joyce’s loft to be insulated. Ian has informed the Patents Office.
  5. Finn has just come back from a transition conference
  6. Rob has just come back from a greening conference.  He will write up his experiences.  He’s already distributed the notes from Professor Roland Clift at Surrey University.  Most interesting.
  7. Mike went to see the Metal Monkeys open air casting
  8. We are currently experiencing the largest ever migration of painted lady butterflies.
  9. I took home £21.60 in contributions from everyone, but don’t know what to do with it.

Paul kindly agreed to chair next week, which is at St Thomas’ I think.  He has biscuits now, which is the main thing.

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