Round up of the week

TransitionNetwork-Logo-Web-SmallThe round up of the week is a day early this week because tomorrow I will be at the  Transition Conference in London. Sessions will include energy descent planning, growing communities, constellations, creative environmental education, crowdfunding, local currencies, and… so by Monday I am going to be completely exhausted!

heath end school logoBut meanwhile here in Farnham, we have had feedback on last week’s successful series of lessons with Heath End school, and the visit to the Garden Society. What comes across as common to both these events is the importance of creating connections and community. Curiously, the video we posted on Monday seems to be a wonderful example of exactly how they’ve been doing that in Ireland.

Last week’s new webpage on How to Keep Chickens has also been creating new connections.

Several people posted comments or emailed in with suggestions for new things to add, so thank you to everyone who gave input there.

Tonight’s meeting with the Farnham Town Council has not yet happened, so apologies that the promised report on that will have to wait until next week.

And you can click here to read a summary of Monday night’s meeting.

Finally, we now have a web page for the upcoming Transition Summer Party. It is going to be a ‘safari party’, moving between locations in the Bourne, and finishing at midnight on the longest day in the Old Churchyard, amongst the moths and creeping things, Oberon and Titania!
Click here for more information on that.

Next Monday is a Bank Holiday so there is no meeting. The next Transition meeting will be held at 7:30pm on Monday 1 June, at St Thomas on the Bourne.

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