Transition Training – 19-20th September

Transition Training is Open For Bookings: 19th-20th September 2009.

Where? This will take place in Elstead, between Farnham and Godalming. Godalming is a 45 minute train ride from Waterloo station. It’s about 5 miles from each town. It will be in a 15th century barn (It will be warm with wood stove and modern facilities).

What happens?

From the Transition Towns Wiki:

“This two day workshop is both a practical and informative introduction to Transition and a powerful personal journey to greater personal resilience. It weaves together practice and theory, information and experiential, our inner Transition with our outer Transition, and personal and community Transition. The feedback from participants indicates that this two day journey holds for many key insights, understanding, and awarenesses to help them to contribute to the most important journey of our times; the journey to a peaceful and resilient world.”

Who can come?

The course is open to anyone who can get to Elstead. You don’t have to be a hard core transitioner, nor a member of any Transition group. You may be really interested in the journey or you may be very keen to follow rigourous Transition methodology.

How do I get there?

Details will be sent out when you sign up but Elstead is 5 miles from Godalming and 4 miles from Farnham in South West Surrey. There are good trains to both towns and on Saturday only there is a bus service that goes through Elstead, starting at Aldershot, Farnham, then Elstead, Godalming & Guildford. On Sunday we’re sure someone will give you a lift. Cycling is easy – less hilly route is from Milford Station.

How much does it cost?

There will be some assisted places and we are hoping to get funding for this course so hopefully it will be subsidised. However, the maximum charge will be £100 for the two days.

How do I book a place or find out more?

Email Eloise Grey (contact[at] or call 01252 705169. She’s away 5-22 June and will get back to you when she gets back.

Anything else?

Yes, there is a big orchard and lots of nice blackberry spots so you can pick fruit during the breaks.

For more information on this two day workshop visit the Transition Towns Training page.


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