Meeting Farnham Town Council

Farnham Town Council 5Last Thursday evening we met with Farnham Town Council.

They had a very busy schedule, so we were given 15 minutes for presentation and questions.

What we told them is attached here in pdf format (with some minor adjustments, because you don’t have us there with you to talk it through with you :-)).

A brief narrative of the presentation is included below.

At the end we asked the councillors what they would like the next steps to be and they said they would like us to come back with a definition of what we think the next steps ought to be.

So, we look forward to seeing how this conversation develops.

Explanation of some of the presentation pages.

“A bit about us”

This page gives brief information about just a few of the people who are involved with Transition Town Farnham. The numbers in brackets show the number of years that people have lived in the community.

“Some Transition Towns in the UK”

Transition Towns in the UK range from the rural towns you might expect, to inner city zones you might not, and also include regions such as the Forest of Dean and the Isle of Wight.

“Transition Towns around the World”

There are now over 160 (170!) transition towns around the world certified as ‘official’, with more than 800 others thinking about how to get involved.


The initial reasons that Transition Towns got started was to prepare for the big changes that Climate Change and Peak Oil (rising oil prices as easy-to-get-at oil runs out.

There are some backup slides explaining these in more detail, but we like to focus on what we need to do about these things. And that means increasing localisation, as it becomes more and more difficult to transport goods and people. It means building resilience, strengthening the abilty of our communities to cope with the changes that are coming.

And most of all what it means is making the most of this historic opportunity to make our towns and communities into places we want to live in, in a future that will be very different from today.

“Transition Priorities”

The priorities of Transition are:

> Food, because the way we grow food today relies on oil not only for the tractors (each on can be equal to 600 horsepower — just think of that!), but also for the fertilisers and pesticides which are (currently) made from oil and natural gas

> Energy, because we currently rely on fossil fuels to provide heat, light, cooling, …

> Transport, because we have become accustomed to using fossil fuels to enable us to travel great distances at the drop of a hat, and to bring all the goods of the global economy to our doorsteps

> Housing, because what we mostly use to construct buildings today is concrete and steel, and both involve a lot of energy to make them

> Reskilling, because when we don’t have plastic bags any more we will need people to make willow baskets

> Emotion, not only to help people cope with the changes that are coming but also because if we had had a greater connection with the Earth in the first place then we would not have come to this crisis

> Strengthening local businesses and the local economy, because we will (nearly) all need to have local jobs

> Training & Consulting for organisations, because we want our organisations to be able to survive and thrive through the changes that are coming

Hopefully the remaining slides are self-explanatory. If not, or if you would like to talk about anything here, please do get in contact.

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2 Responses to Meeting Farnham Town Council

  1. Anne Cooper says:

    Report on Farnham Town Council meeting – I would like to know more about this meeting. How many councillors attended and who were they? You say it was a short meeting -how long did the meeting last? Were any questions asked apart from the one mentioned? If there were any other questions asked it would be good to know what they were and who asked them – and what reply was given?

    • finnjackson says:

      Hello Anne,
      I think there were about a dozen councillors altogether. I do not know their names. We were given 15 minutes before the start of the council meeting proper, so I expect that all or nearly all councillors were there. That gave us only time for a brief introduction to Transition, plus that one question.
      It seems our introduction was well-received and we now have the opportunity to get into a deeper discussion.

      Warm regards,

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