Transition Conference — some very brief notes

Last weekend three members of the Transition Farnham team attended the Transition Conference in London.

It is impossible to summarise everything we experienced into one short blog, so instead I have posted some of my photos with captions below.

I hope they will give you a feel for what it was like.

Energy and Climate Change Minister Ed Milliband turned up, and was designated a ‘keynote listener’ !!!

And several people posted their experiences onto the Transition website:

> Audaye from Exeter
> Miranda from Ecomotion
> Claire from Bristol
> Rob Hopkins’ first post
> Rob Hopkins’ second post
> Jennifer Gray
> John Cosham
> John Papworth
> Davie Phillips from Ireland

Here are the photos I took:

Expectant beginnings:

“Make a representation on a piece of flipchart paper of what Transition means for the Transition Towns sitting at your table”:


“Has anybody got anything they’d like to talk about, and lead as a session as part of an Open Space workshop?”


Preparing to watch the premiere of the Transition Movie!
(Which will be out in the autumn)

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