What’s the footprint of your pint?

If we’re going to meet the government’s targets and reduce our carbon emissions to 80% of 1990 levels by 2050, then we’re all going to have to play our part. Even the humble pint.

beerJapanese brewing giant Sapporo recently trumpeted the test-launch of a beer that includes a label showing the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions produced throughout the product’s life cycle. “The world’s first attempt by a company in the brewing industry to market a product using its carbon footprint as a selling point” according to one press report.

The company also recently marketed a beer that had been made entirely from barley that had travelled in space — so I rather get the impression that the company is focused more on the marketing benefits rather than the environmental ones.

adnams beerBut not to worry, because nearer to home the Adnams brewery in Suffolk had beaten them to it by about a year. East Green is the UK’s (and possibly the world’s) first carbon neutral beer.

You can read more about how they have been working to reduce the carbon footprint of their beer and manufacturing processes here.

And drink it with a clear conscience.

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