Notes from Monday’s meeting 8th June

Notes from last week meeting… Sorry about the delay. I hope you find the links interesting…

This was a well attended meeting. The twelve of us discussed two topics, the Government proposal for introducing “Smart Meters” and Casper’s project to develop “A sustainable modern life style”

Smart Meters

Tom has look into the Government proposals for smart electricity meters and told the meeting that the proposals include the possibility of developing a very sophisticated control system between the consumer and the supplier.

The two way communication can allow the supplier to broadcast to users the power load on the system. This can also be related to the cost of supplying the power. Consumers could have power system that respond to this information, turning off non-critical equipment, helping to reduce the energy demand. this would help the generating authority by avoiding the need to bring online extra generating capacity to make up the shortfall.

You can find out more from this link:

Tom proposed that TTF should support the full implementation of smart meters and that he would draft a letter that we could use as a template when writing to our MP supporting these proposals.

Alex suggested we should try and interest the wider Transition community is the value of smart meters and try and get it publicised through the Transition Network
The discussion then moved on to how local power generation can be assisted or discouraged by the setting of the “Feed in Tariff”. For more information see: WeSupportSolar

A Sustainable Modern Life Style

Casper opened the discussion with the problem of flying and whether buying a carbon offset was a legitimate way to compensate for the CO2 emissions.

This led to a discussion on using trees for carbon offsetting and the difficulty of knowing whether the money contributed was really being used to plant and care for trees that would not otherwise have grown of their own accord. Casper said he knew of a project to plant desert regions with fig and fruit trees. Jane added that if this resulted in the reforesting of a large enough area, it could have a very beneficial effect on the local climate.

Tom suggest an alternative of investing in a wind-farm co-operative.

The discussion expanded into other areas of life and the difficulty of making sustainable choices. Alex said he had studied the original East Street development proposals that were supposed to be completely sustainable, using offsets and carbon trading.

David thought that local solutions are best with the shortest links from production to consumption. He was very sceptical of carbon trading permits.

Robert then introduced the ideas presented by professor Roland Clift at the Greening Campaign Conference that he and Paul recently attended. This link to slides from an earlier presentations will give you some insight into his arguments: PDF Power Point

Sarah drew the meetings attention to the Resolve initiative at Surrey University.

Casper said he would try to follow up all these suggestions and see if he could draw some conclusions.

Finally the discussion move on to “No Till Cultivation” which is now re commented by the UN.

Jane said that this  is precisely the way she gardens and explained some of her simple solutions.

Chris suggested that he and John should have a trial next year with half the garden being dug and the other half cultivated without digging.


The Garden Share scheme now has four operating gardens, two of these were from the Farnham Allotments mail-shot.

We need help and organisation for the TTF stall at the Farnham Carnival on Saturday 27th June, Castle Street, 2:00-9:00pm, apple juicing, fruit mapping and publicity.

The Bourne Show Saturday 18th July
This would be another good opportunity to publicise TTF. Following Tom’s success with his electric scooter in an rally earlier this year, it may be possible to enter it in the Bourne Show vintage/classic ‘car’ rally.

Sarah gave us an update on the Food Mapping study that TT Haslemere are helping with, under the direction of the Council for the Protection of Rural England (CPRE). The CPRE are also looking for partners to work with them on local food issues in the Farnham area. Please contact Tim Harold of CPRE Surrey.

Chris announced details of the TTF midsummer party. This will begin with a BBQ in Chris’ garden, starting at 8:00 (bring you own food). Will move to the vicarage for puddings at about 10:00 and then on to the old churchyard to meet Oberon, Titania, if they can be raised by the activities of the mechanicals.

Robert returned the CD, “Who Killed the Electric Car”. It is rather ironic that General Motors were responsible. This CD is highly recommended

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