Notes from Monday’s meeting

TTF 22 June

We discussed three items on Monday night:

> the Carnival preparation
> a proposal to invite local MP Jeremy Hunt to a meeting, and
> Greening Campaigns.

We talked briefly about the Unleashing, and about the Transition Farnham Leaflet.

Thanks to David Hepper for chairing this meeting. Next week’s chair will be Finn Jackson.

Farnham Carnival 2009

Our discussion of Farnham Carnival, which as I write this has already happened, is now a distant memory of who would bring what, when and to where. It didn’t quite work out like that but we made it up as we went along and the stall, though tucked away, wasn’t bad at all.

Invitation to Jeremy Hunt, MP

Jeremy Hunt has indicated that he would like to attend one of our meetings. We discussed the idea, from the recent Transition national meeting, of a “keynote listener”. Finn suggested that we ask him for specific help in moving forward. Alex was more interested in how much he already knows about the recent Tory ‘Green Manifesto’ and Joyce didn’t want to be confrontational. Tom suggested that we check his voting record and noted that J.H. gave a positive response when approached about Greenways. We settled on the end of September, with Joyce to invite him officially.

Greening Campaigns

A longer discussion followed on Greening Campaigns. Alex enthused about outreach via children, getting their teachers and parents on board. Getting the message to parents was seen by the group as essential to the campaign and requires jargon-free language to be effective. David noted that schools receive government incentives to build green energy-saving into new-build and renovation.

Contact with Residents’ Associations was suggested and Paul insisted that there should be someone local to organise in each area, as Rob is doing in Bentley and Paul in Badshot Lea, equipped with slogans such as “Save Carbon; Save Money”. Finn offered to speak to Association meetings and David agreed to ask the NW Farnham RA for a Guest Speaker slot. Door-to-door work, though time-consuming, had received an encouragingly positive response.

We then questioned the usefulness of the name ‘Greening Campaign’ and kicked around others such as ‘Transition Together’ without reaching a consensus.


Finn asked whether we still wanted to hold an ‘unleashing’ in the autumn. We agreed on ‘maybe October’, after the holidays.

Joyce announced that the Leaflet would be ready for the Carnival (and it was).

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