If you haven’t got time to bake a loaf of bread…

breadNow, here’s another simple idea for rebuilding community, recovering lost skills, and having a good time into the bargain!

Bristol Transitioner Inez Aponte was listening to Satish Kumar one day when she heard him say, “If you haven’t got time to bake a loaf of bread, you haven’t got time to save the planet”. And that set her thinking.

She realised how much we rush around, never having time for some of the basic things in life, and that this rushing is one of the reasons we find ourselves in the environmental and social crisis we are in. So, she started a simple campaign called “Loaves of Love” to inspire people to host baking circles in their homes with friends, old and new.

bread 2“Baking bread fulfils so many of the criteria that make people happy:  spending time together, eating good food, feeling in control of and understanding where our food comes from,” Inez explains. “With bread making, the natural action of the yeast demands that you wait as the bread rises. It can’t be hurried – and it’s a wonderful opportunity to spend time with friends and at the end of it you have a feast of home baked bread.”

The campaign kicks off (‘officially’) this weekend.

You can find recipes for bread, and happiness, on her website: http://www.loavesoflove.co.uk.

And you’ll notice that one of the ingredients in the simple starter recipe below is a ‘friendly stranger’ — the word ‘companion’ means someone you break bread with, so maybe a stranger is just someone you haven’t made bread with yet!

bread3How to Bake a Loaf of Love
A few friends
A Friendly Stranger
Flour, water, yeast and salt
Mix with: Stories, laughter and inspiration
Time: One long lazy afternoon
Remember: To pass the skills and – the love – on and on and on…

The idea is that everyone who comes along and learns to bake bread then passes the skill on by hosting a circle of their own within a month.

Recipes for bread and for happiness are posted on the website: http://www.loavesoflove.co.uk

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