Round up of the week

Welcome back to another round-up of the Transition week, after a short break.

At the national level we congratulate Transition Town Tooting this week. They won a major award (presented by Climate and Energy Secretary, Ed Milliband) supporting the creation of new performance art in the context of climate change. You can read more about its Project Phakama here.

Meanwhile back in Farnham we also saw new performance art, of a different kind at the Carnival on Saturday.

Several Transitioners worked together to make fresh apple juice for a thirsty public. They also engaged people to support our Community Orchards project, by marking the location of apple and other major fruit trees on a giant map of Farnham. This is now turning into a special resource which we will be able to use to coordinate harvesting, juicing, and other fruit-based events(!).

(Unfortunately we don’t have any pictures of the stall, so if you do have photos, please let us know.)

Greek cafeWith the continued good weather our Monday night meeting this week was more like a scene from a Greek cafe — sitting outside at The Barn, sipping iced tea and putting the world to rights. We discussed schools, the Sustainable Modern Person project, fund raising and the upcoming Farnham Grows festival (amongst other things) and you can read more details here.

Next week’s meeting will be at St Thomas on the Bourne, from 7:30pm.

JobSearchNewspaperFinally, in the light of the continued ‘sharp contraction for the UK economy‘, Rob Hopkins published this week a list of more than 200 hot prospects for increased employment in a Transitioned world. You (and your children) can see the full list here, and take your pick.

I notice that apple harvesting and pressing are high on the list. That makes good news for our Carnival stall holders 🙂

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