Invitation to a Transition Town Guildford talk

hadlow-collegeTransition Town Guildford have invited us to what they say will be an informative and helpful presentation by Dr  Lee from Hadlow College in Kent.

He will be speaking on Monday 13 July on “Grow Your Own or Starve! The potential for Grower Groups”. This is a joint event with Guildford Environmental Forum.

Dr Lee, who is a lecturer and the Sustainability Champion at Hadlow College, will cover examples from around the UK of community initiatives to grow food in public spaces, community supported agriculture, landshare, garden-share and other responses by local people to provide themselves with fresh food grown locally in every kind of space conceivable.

Hadlow HempThis is a response to several factors including rising food prices, increasing concerns about our food security, food miles and the desire for fresh organically grown food.

You might also want to ask him about his Low Processed Hemp Building Project.

The talk will be held in Committee Room 1 at GBC’s Millmead offices at 1900, with refreshments from 1830. GBC’s Millmead offices are close to the centre of Guildford on the opposite side of the River Wey from the Yvonne Arnaud theatre.

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