Notes from Monday’s meeting

Monday’s meeting was held in St Thomas’s and we discussed four topics:

> Carnival 2010
> Unleashing party
> Fundraising
> Funding of the orchard map
> Sustainable modern lifestyles
> Farnham Grows, 25 July
> Summer meetings schedule

Announcements were made regarding Social Justice, and the Greening Badshot Lea campaign which Paul will be launching on Wednesday 8 July.

Thanks to Casper Gray for chairing this meeting. Next week’s meeting will be chaired by Paula Burgess, also at St Thomas on the Bourne.

Transition Town Farnham Meeting 6th July 2009
St Thomas on the Bourne

Seven topics were discussed.

Carnival 2010

Alex told us that the 2009 carnival has been described as “Farnham’s best ever carnival” and suggested we should start preparing for the 2010 carnival.

Some issues that could be explored:

• Bicycle powered float

• Involve the community and community organisations (TTF could integrate with the community rather than trying to mould the community to TTF)

• Could help and guide other floats to run their float along TT principles.

• Fundraising

Unleashing Party

Discussion of the carnival led onto to discussions about more serious fundraising. This could be done with a street party or ‘ball’, with tickets sold to raise slush funds for TTF. The party could also serve as TTF’s ‘unleashing’.

Organising and running events like these could require the support of many different members of TTF. As such, for both the Carnival and Party, a list of tasks could be useful, so that members of TTF could understand all the tasks required (before committing), add new tasks and sign up to tasks they can do and complete.

Funding – Applying for it

TTF needs:

• a slush fund for general work

• funding for specific projects

To get these funds, time needs to be devoted to identifying funding streams. Ian has volunteered to research funding databases.


• A good strategy can be to look at what funding there is available, and tweak or design potential projects to fit that funding application.

• CAFÉ have some small amounts of money (approx £200-300) that may be suitable for TTF.

• CAB may be a good source of info on local council and local business funds.

• A traditional funding barometer could be useful

Funding – Orchard Map

Alex has asked if he can get the money he spent on the Orchard map back. There were differences of opinion but the group eventually decided that Paula’s suggestion that Alex be paid from TTF funds (e.g. £10) each time the map is used to promote TTF is a good way forward. Alex will be pro-active in advertising TTF and other projects with the map.

A review of this arrangement was not discussed but considering current funds are less than the cost of map, this may be a good idea. For example, when £50 has been paid to Alex for 5 days promoting TTF and projects with the map, TTF could review its bank balance and the usefulness of the arrangement.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The map has been decided to be a valuable asset to the group and as such this one-off exception to TTF’s funding guidance has been made.

Sustainable Modern Lifestyles

Guidance for reducing lifestyle impacts:
Interest at previous meetings has shown that many people would welcome guidance on how to live sustainably. This is something Casper will explore further in the nearish future.

Offsetting what impacts you can’t reduce:
From researching with ‘sustainability professionals’ chat groups, Casper has found that fast-growing biomass is accepted as a practical carbon offset on a daily basis.

Interesting sites:

Willow is grown in the local area. So this is an option for further exploration. Rob will send Casper links.

Farnham Grows 25th July

Rob and Alex will work together to put something together for ‘Farnham Grows’.

Summer Schedule

It was agreed that TTF should break for the month of August or possibly the whole summer holidays. Dates to be arranged (once Paula has confirmed term dates).


There were just two notices:

• Anyone with connections with Social Justice, please get in touch with Alex.

• Paul is launching the Badshot Lea Greening Campaign at 7:30pm Wednesday 8th July at St George’s Church Hall. Anyone who can, please go along and lend your support!

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