Round up of the Transition Week

Welcome to another round up of the Transition Week.

With the holiday season upon us it has been a quiet week. But at Monday’s meeting we still managed to talk about next year’s Carnival, a possible Unleashing party, Fundraising, Funding of the orchard map, Sustainable modern lifestyles, the Farnham Grows festival (on 25 July), and our Summer meetings schedule. Alex also gave examples of his further success in bringing the Transition message to children, this time in Andover.

During the week, the Prince of Wales said we are now facing a “substantial Transition” in the form of both an economic and an environmental crisis. The way forward, he said, is to build community. You can watch his lecture here until 15 July (and/or read the text of his speech).

On Wednesday, Finn Jackson attended another meeting of the Transition Training & Consulting organisation. Finn is helping to found this group, which will help businesses and other organisations successfully make the Transition. Contact us if your organisation or business would like support.

Finally, next Monday (13 July) Transition Town Guildford have organised a talk on growing your own food. Provocatively titled “Grow Your Own or Starve!”, it stands in contrast to the major piece of groundbreaking research published by Transition Town Totnes on Friday. Their report “Can Totnes and District feed itself?” can be downloaded here.

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