Sustainable food in San Francisco

Gavin_NewsomOn July 9 2009, the Mayor of San Francisco (Gavin Newsom) announced a major new directive promoting Healthy and Sustainable Food for San Francisco.

All city departments have been given six months required to conduct an audit of unused land that might be suitable for farming or community gardening.

All street vendors will be required to sell healthy and sustainable food, or will find that preference is given to other vendors who sell such food.

Beginning immediately, all city departments and agencies purchasing food for events or meetings using city funds will utilize guidelines for “healthy meetings”and purchase healthy, locally produced and/or sustainably certified foods to the maximum extent possible.

Within 60 days all vending machines on city property will face new nutrition standards for the food and drink sold from those machines.

Within two months all food served in city jails, hospitals, homeless shelters and community centres must be healthy.

And the Department of Recreation and Parks, with support from the Department of the Environment, will coordinate urban agriculture, connecting volunteer and educational programs to urban agriculture programs. Within 180 days the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency will develop a Food Business Action Plan to identify strategies such as enterprise zones and tax incentives that will recruit and incubate new food businesses and align existing food businesses to the goals of this Directive.

These are just some of the requirements which the mayor has imposed. You can read the full list here.

Where California leads, America follows. And where America leads…

You can also see a couple of short newspieces here, here and here.

And regular readers will already know that Todmorden in Yorkshire is aiming to be self-sufficient in vegetables by 2018.

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