Desertec got the go-ahead

So, it looks like the Desertec project we told you about last month did get the go-ahead.

A consortium of approximately 20 companies, including Siemens, Munich insurance and Deutsche Bank have announced plans for a pioneering 400 billion euro ($550 billion) project to build solar farms in the Sahara desert.

According to its backers, the project could yield up to 15 percent of all of Europe’s power needs by 2050.


“The [Desertec] project has been on the drawing board for 30 years and now for the first time it has become technically feasible,” said Wolfgang Dehen, chief executive of Siemens Energy.

The project involves building a new electricity grid of high-voltage direct current across Europe, the Mediterranean and North Africa, connecting up wind turbines as well as a huge Concentrated Solar Power’ generator in the middle of the Sahara desert.

The hugely ambitious plan is the most expensive green-energy project ever proposed and would extend out to 2050, when the group envisions solar plants stretching across 130 square kilometers of the North African desert.

For more information read the FT, and

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