Weekly round-up, one year on

Welcome back to the weekly round up of Transition Farnham.

It is now a year to the day (9/11) since we showed two films at the Maltings, and Transition Town Farnham was born.

Both films are now available to view on-line (“The End of Suburbia” and “The Power of Community“), and during the year we have achieved a lot for a small group.

We have presented to Waverley Borough Council and to Farnham Town Council. Our Garden Share scheme has been featured by the BBC on national television and local radio. We have delivered training programmes in sustainable interiors and growing your own veg, and have started mapping fruit and nut trees in Farnham’s virtual orchard. We juiced apples at the carnival and also at BarnFest. We held two sustainable fashion parties, started a Soil and Soul group, have been an active part of the Greenway Alliance, trialled the Farnham Faerie Festival, tried Buying-Nothing-New-for-a-Month, began projects investigating local energy generation and how to be a Sustainable Modern Person, engaged actively with children in two Farnham schools, and … much, much more.

Since our last weekly round-up (during the summer ‘break’) we juiced apples at the lovely Barnfest and had a stall at Farnham Grows. We even gave a talk at the British Science Festival.

Coming-up, in November we will be speaking on behalf of the Transition Movement at a conference on “The transition to low carbon: policy frameworks and community action”. On 28 September we will be meeting with members of Transition Towns Godalming and Haslemere (plus some councillors) at the Waverley Borough Council offices in Godalming. And on 19-20 September we are holding a  Transition Training course in Elstead — anyone interested please do get in touch, as two places have just become available owing to cancellations.

It has been a good first year.

We hope to see more of you during our second.




Oh and PS, two random stories I noticed in the news this morning:

> The government’s new energy adviser says the UK could face blackouts by 2016 because green energy is not coming on stream fast enough (BBC)

The role of the wives of world leaders is all about symbolism. Perhaps the most astute move of America’s first lady was to plough up the White House lawn for a vegetable garden. (Guardian)

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