How we spend our group funds

A nice little administrative post, this one.

In March we agreed our principles for how we want to work together.

The first of these was to do with how with how we run our projects: “If I want to start a project then I can go for it. I will get some feedback from the group, find the funding, get the support from others in the community.”

But we now have a Transition Town Farnham bank account (with about £150 in it) so we need to agree how we are going to decide to spend that money.

We have decided to avoid a ‘Finance Committee’ approach. Instead we want to involve all the members of the core team in every decision.

For the record, the way that we will conduct that process is laid out below, together with the names of the members of the Core Team.

This process was defined at last week’s meeting, and agreed at this week’s meeting.

It will now be tried out for a while and can be amended in future if necessary.


The following six steps define how we decide to spend the money in our group bank account.

  1. A person who wants group funds to pay for something circulates an email to all members of the core team* saying:
    1. what they want to do (their project)
    2. how much money they want
    3. what the money will be spent on
    4. what will be the benefits to Transition Farnham.
  2. The ‘Treasurer’ [currently Eloise/Finn/Robert] informs the core team how much money is currently in the bank account
    (plus a reminder of any other known projects that are currently due/likely and which could also use the funds).
  3. Team members decide whether they support the application or not – ie whether they want to spend it on the project suggested in Step 1.For this they use the Googlegroup discussion, emails, telephone, or whatever other methods they see fit.
  4. Once the level of discussion has died down, the application is discussed at the weekly meeting one or two weeks later. This gives 7-14 days for discussion around the group, depending on the level of interest, the number of questions asked etc.
  5. People who cannot be at the meeting pass their votes to the chairman.
  6. The funds are allocated IF:
    1. at least half the people in the Core Team vote
    2. the majority of those that vote are in favour

* The Core Team is currently:

1. Abigail McKern
2. Alex Scrivens
3. Casper Gray
4. Chris Secker
5. Cian Duggan
6. David Hepper
7. Eloise Grey
8. Finn Jackson
9. Gayle Souter-Brown
10. Ian Bysh
11. Jane Still
12. John Hughes
13. Joyce Hurd
14. Nicci Hewett
15. Paul Whewell
16. Paula Burgess
17. Robert Simpson
18. Tom Lankester

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