Ban the bottle!

Following on from yesterday’s blog about not using plastic bags, and with thanks to Kathryn Brooke for alerting us to this story, did you know that it takes 200ml of oil to make 600ml of bottled water? Well I didn’t.

Partly for this reason Bundanoon in Australia has just voted to ban bottled water in the town, replacing it with free water fountains. The decision came just hours after the government of New South Wales announced its own similar boycott.

There are lots of videos on YouTube explaining why plastic bottles are such a bad idea. This is one of the best:

And if you still need to carry round water in a bottle there are alternatives, such as these reusable bottles by Sigg:


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One Response to Ban the bottle!

  1. finnjackson says:

    Kathryn Brooke has also found this alternative source:

    She wrote:
    Here’s a good alternative to plastic bottles: Klean Kanteens

    I’m going to see if I can get ahold of one. Anyone out there already used this product?

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