Farnham’s first flashmob — for the climate talks!

With Copenhagen climate talks due to begin in December, this Monday (21 September) has been chosen as an opportunity to tell our world leaders (politely but firmly) to wake up! and listen to what we want the outcome to be.

Set up by AVAAZ, the internet lobbying organisation, plus Oxfam, 350.org and many others, more than 600 events are being organised in towns and cities around the world. The idea is to show world leaders that a huge and growing global movement will accept nothing less than a fair, ambitious, and binding climate treaty strong enough to avert catastrophic climate change.

Here in Farnham, two members of Transition Farnham would like you to take part in what we think will be Farnham’s first flashmob.


It will be a short, fun event, and to take part and help create  a fair, ambitious, and binding climate treaty, you only need to do three things:

  1. Register on this page
    (Or go here and choose ‘United Kingdom’ and then ‘Farnham’)
  2. Be in Gostrey Meadows at 12:18pm on Monday 21 September.
  3. Set your mobile alarm to 12:18pm, and when it goes off, stick your hand in the air and join all the other people whose mobiles are also going off and whose hands are in the air. Bring something loud to bang or blow. Drums, whistles, saucepans and so on.
    If you can film the event even better!

We’ll see you there!

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