Can 10 of you please join [10:10]

1010 logo 1Something amazing has happened.

The entire British Cabinet has signed up to join a grass roots climate change campaign!!

Yes, as you can read below, Number 10 has joined the [10:10] campaign to get everyone in Britain to reduce their carbon emissions by 10% in 2010.

I signed up a week ago. But as Kevin McCloud and Franny Armstrong say below, “If you can get ten more people to sign up, and if they can get ten people to sign up, …”

Climate change is important, it is happening now, and we need to come together now and act.

Please sign up. And thank you.

And here’s the announcement email:


Welcome on board the 10:10 rollercoaster and to our very first mailing list message.

<<<< STOP PRESS – The whole cabinet has apparently just signed up…. We cannot believe it…. Hang on, here comes a text from Ed himself… Yes, it’s true… STOP PRESS >>>>

1010 logo 3Thanks to everyone who made it down to the solar launch at Tate Modern on Monday. We’re all still hallucinating from lack of sleep, but pretty sure it was a triumph. My favourite line was the very last of the evening, from Kevin McCloud’s brilliantly impromptu wrap-up. “If you all go out and get 10 people to sign up to 10:10 and get them to sign up another 10 people on Friday, then by next Tuesday the whole planet will have signed up and we will have won.” I reckon Kevin’s suggestion – if not his maths – is brilliant. Keep reading…

But first, we’ve got to hand it to the Guardian: the whole front page, the whole G2, more than 30 articles on the website, plus podcasts, photo galleries, video interviews… we all felt a little cheated on Day 2, when we only had seven full pages in the paper. All their stuff is here: Great coverage, too, in The Sun, Telegraph, Reuters, PA, Treehugger. Here’s all the latest news coverage.

Sure you heard the big news from yesterday, when  all the Tory frontbench signed up. As did Nick Clegg…. How much longer till Gordon cracks do you reckon?!? [See – that really is a stop press above – this was accurate 10 mins ago].

1010 logo 4Other big names since launch are Stella McCartney (have you asked Dad yet?), Mark Ronson and Alan Rickman. Plus we have two seriously iconic British companies almost ready to cross the finishing line (it’s actually the starting line, but no need to emphasise that at this point.) All these sign-ups are fantastic, but they are not enough on their own… We’ve got to get from 0 to 60 very very quickly or we will lose momentum.

So – and with apologies to Kevin McC – here’s the plan: every single person who has signed up so far (that’s 9,182 of us – but we’ll round that up to 10,000 in recognition of the fact that it’s been 15 years since the last maths lesson) goes out and persuades 10 more people to join by the end of tomorrow (Friday). Except anyone who lives in solitary confinement in a prison or in a hermit’s cave. As you are speaking to your ten – probably shortly after they’ve agreed and think they’ve got rid of you – casually drop in that they also need to persuade another ten people…. by the end of the weekend. 10,000 x 10 x 10 is, correct me if I’m wrong, 1,000,000. One million. Ahem. One million.

So: how to get 10 people signed-up by the end of Friday… Call round all your family and friends tonight? Make an announcement before choir practise? Stick up the poster at work? Speak during school assembly tomorrow? Send an email to all your colleagues? Put out a shout on your company/campaign/choir/church/cat-lovers mailing list?  Use our online email-invite tool?

Add a note to your Facebook/Twitter/MySpace page?

As Daniel so eloquently described at our team meeting this morning, the 10:10 ship has most definitely set sail and she’s a thing of beauty with great potential to sail far seas.

Onwards and upwards

Franny, Dan, Leo, Mal, Harriet, James, Robin, Ian & many others

Team 10:10

10:10 Sign-Ups, as of midday Thurs 3rd Sept
Individuals: 9,182
Businesses: 352
Schools: 53
Organisations: 157
Politicians: All the cabinet, all the Tory frontbench, Ed Miliband (Climate Change Minister), Nick Clegg (leader of Lib Dems)
Actors: Samantha Morton, Jason Isaacs, Pete Postlethwaite, Colin Firth, Tamsin Greig, James Purefoy, Alan Rickman
Fashion Designers: Vivienne Westwood, Nicole Farhi, Stella McCartney
Artists: Anish Kapoor, Anthony Gormley, Gillian Wearing
Footballers: Graeme Le Soux
Chefs: Delia Smith, Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall
Authors: Ian McEwan, Sarah Waters, Irvine Welsh, Anthony Horowitz, Antony Beevor, Ali Smith, Carol Ann Duffy, Andrew Motion
Lords: Lord Giddens, Lord Stern (author of Stern Review)
Film Directors: Mike Figgis, Richard Curtis
Impressionists: Rory Bremner
Musicians: Stornoway, Reverend & The Makers, Bloc Party (Russell only), Mark Ronson
Energy Companies: Eon, British Gas, EDF, Scottish & Southern
Football Teams: Spurs FC
Organisations: Science Museum, Tate, Spurs Football Club, Royal Society of Arts (RSA), Women’s Institute (NFWI), British Fashion Council, Business in the Community, Mumsnet, Sage Gateshead, Julies Bicycle, Arcola Theatre
Universities/ Colleges: Edinburgh Uni, Westminster Uni, King’s College, Liverpool Uni, South Thames College, Newcastle Students Union, National Union of Students (NUS) nationally,  Birmingham Students Union, UEA Students Union, Leicester Students Union
Councils: Hackney, Islington, Richmond, Oxford, Slough, West Sussex, Stroud, Eastleigh, Kirklees
Schools: Fox Primary, St Martin Primary, Petchey Academy, Crispin School, Ashley Primary, Rosemary Musker High, Ambler Primar, Kings College School, Whitby Community, Winton Primary
Charities: Comic Relief, ActionAid, ), Global Action Plan, Women’s Environmental Network, Campaign for Greener Healthcare, Operation Noah, Envision, OneClimate, Fauna & Flora Intl, Green Thing
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