Round up of the Transition Week

A kind of “recovering from spending the whole weekend doing Transition Training” week, this one. Invigorating though it was, working through the weekend always tires me out.

Our meeting this week focused on the idea of having a boys’ equivalent to the successful fashion-swap parties held earlier in the year — a gadget-swap maybe? Or a beer swap? A joke swap? All suggestions gratefully received.

We also talked about two successor projects to the Garden Share scheme (one of which we will be discussing with Waverley Borough Council next week). And we discussed how we could make our meetings (even) more fun. Some good ideas were put forward, but we need to develop them further, so watch this space!

Photos of the Transition Training weekend have now been posted to the website here, as well as photos of Farnhams’s very first flashmob, on Monday, here.

The peak oil expert who spoke in Guildford last week has given us a copy of his full presentation here.

He predicts peak production will happen in 2015. But before that oil exporters (like Saudi Arabia) will start keeping oil back for their own economies, so that peak flows (to oil importers like the UK) will happen in 2012, just over two years from now.

As a cheerful antidote to that news, there is a very funny movie trailer here.

The news that Number 10 has joined the [10:10] campaign is reported here.

And news of an upcoming conference in Winchester this November, “The Transition to Low Carbon”, is introduced here.


Finally, next week’s meeting will be held at the Waverley Borough Council offices in Godalming. We will be meeting with members of the other Transition Towns in Waverley, Haslemere and Godalming, as well as (we are told) one or two Waverley Councillors. All are welcome, so come along from 7pm on Monday 28 September , and you can also join the new Facebook group “Transition Towns in Waverley”, here.

Have a great weekend.

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