Round up of the week

The main news this week has to be the meeting of all three Transition Towns in Waverley at the Waverley Borough Council offices in Godalming.

John Sandy, Councillor responsible for environment and climate change, was there as was Steve Thwaites, the Strategic Director for environmental matters.

Fotini Kallipoliti, Sustainability Co-ordinator for Waverley, ran the meeting, based on an agenda which had been co-written by the three Transition Towns.

The meeting was declared a success by all and John Sandy said that he had especially enjoyed it.

We agreed to meet again in about three months time.

Climate Change and Peak Oil certainly seem to be moving up the government’s agenda, not only because these senior members of the council decided to give up their Monday evenings to spend time with us, but also because they laid out new targets which government has recently set them in this area.

On Tuesday night in Guildford there was also a talk given by Lesley Harding, manager of Surrey County Council’s climate change team. We don’t have any notes back from that meeting yet, but when we do we’ll add them to the website.

low carbon communitiesAnd on Monday morning at the Labour Party Conference the government announced a £10m initiative to help up to 20 communities across the UK start to move to a greener, low carbon way of living. If you have any suggestions as to how Farnham might spend this money, do get in touch!


texas-wind-farmOther countries around the world seem to be moving faster than us, though. Texas has a population almost half that of the UK, and they are already building enough wind power to generate more electricity than they use. China is about to do even more.

Finally, today is special for three reasons.

First, it is the one year anniversary of our very first meeting as Transition Town Farnham. You can read a detailed summary of (most of) what we have achieved over that time here.

Second, today marks the official launch of Eloise Grey’s new shop. Eloise is a founder member of Transition Farnham and her business sells ethical clothing, made in the UK. We wish her every success.

And third, as well as being Gandhi’s birthday, today is also my Dad’s 80th — so I look forward to a (sustainable) boys’ fishing trip tomorrow!

Enjoy your weekends.

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