Notes from Monday’s meeting

P1050263Monday’s meeting was held at St Thomas’s.

We discussed:

> Our TTF leaflet
> Structure of future meetings and electronic communications
> Money for Finn
> Faerie Box

We also had eight announcements.

Thanks to Ian Bysh for chairing this meeting. The next will be on Monday 12 October at St Thomas on the Bourne and will be chaired by Paul Whewell.


Joyce distributed the leaflet around everybody, and we made a few suggestions, but mainly it looks just the ticket.  Finn generously offered to organise the layout, and when he has done this, Joyce will be able to organise the printing of the leaflet.  There was some discussion about how many to print – 200 or 300 were mentioned.  As we intend to update the leaflet periodically, this seems OK.  Alex volunteered to speak to a friendly printer to see if he can arrange a deal.

ACTION: Finn to update the leaflet.

ACTION: Joyce to organise printing and manage changes to the leaflet going forward.

ACTION: Alex to speak to a friendly local printer and see if he can arrange a deal.


Future meetings and communication

Last week we seemed to decide that we wanted to meet once a month with a formalish meeting and once a month at the pub.  For the rest of the time we would communicate via electronic means.

There were several ideas for formal meetings.  We could:

  • Get the Farnham lectures at the Maltings to be a transition meeting.
  • Get the soil and soul group to organise the occasional speaker.
  • Invite people in order to spread our message.
  • Have open space meetings with an overall theme

However, someone will have to organise this.

As far as communicating by electronic means, David had kindly volunteered to research the possibilities.  In the meantime, everybody was urged to look at as an example of a site that seems to work well.

ACTION: Everybody urged to look at and report back on whether they would like to set up a site like this (instead of the GoogleGroup site).

ACTION: Everyone to give input on what kinds of meetings they would like to have going forward.

Money for Finn

A local charity has offered to pay Finn £5,000 a year, which nominally will fund one day a week of his time for Transition Farnham.  Whilst this is good news, Finn was anxious not to cause any bad feeling, and was keen to obtain everybody’s sanction.  We were keen to ensure that the money would be given without an underlying agenda or conditions.  Transition Farnham would apply for the grant, and at that stage these two issues would be confirmed.

Rob pointed out that this would lead to Finn being seen more as the leader/contact point of Transition Farnham. Finn agreed that he had pretty much been doing that for the past year anyway, and everybody agreed that he had done so magnificently.

Alex said that in such a role Finn would need to be up to speed with what is happening on all TTF projects. Finn agreed that this was important and hoped he had done a reasonable job up till now with the weekly round-ups. Finn said that rather than being a single central knowledge point, what he had also done was to put enquirers immediately in touch with the appropriate people in Transition Farnham. He said that if we needed further improvements then that would need to be discussed and defined.

We realised that as part of applying for the money, Transition Farnham (and Finn) would need to define and agree what tasks/roles we wanted Finn to focus on.

We were torn between wanting to move quickly and wanting to get unanimous endorsement throughout the core team.  In the end we decided to discuss the matter on 12th October.  Finn will send everybody a note.

ACTION: Finn to send out a note to the core team.

ACTION: Core team to decide their responses and come to the meeting on 12 October, or email Ian Bysh with their input.


Faerie box

P1050261Alex showed us a faerie box containing natural things to make faeries from.  The idea is to encourage children to protect nature, and to try to do so in a magical way.  Alex is now a trustee of Farnham Youth Centre, and he continues to develop his work in schools.

He plans to use the faerie boxes in this work.  Also he wants to dress trees in Farnham, all in an effort to awaken people’s creativity and to overturn convention.  The boxes could be sold to schools and hence be self-funding.  They could also be sold in Toy Shops.


  • There is a meeting with members of the UK Permaculture Association at 7:30 on Friday 16th October in the Library Garden Room
  • One world week begins on 25th October
  • It would be great to have a slow food event, maybe in Castle Street.  Rob distributed leaflets from the Slow Food movement.
  • There is the FLFI AGM on 17th October at 4pm.  Everybody is invited from 2pm to hear about the work FLFI has been doing and wants to do.  Joyce has all the details.  This is a critical time for FLFI, and to continue their work they need as much support as they can get.
  • Finn asked Rob and Joyce to send him any information they would like him to put on the website blog. (Others are welcome to do the same.)
  • The U3A has a Geopolitics group that could be worth investigating.
  • Paul will juice apples and the like with his state of the art juicing paraphernalia
  • Alex is now an associate of Inspiring Futures
  • Paul will chair the meeting on the 12th
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