Round up of the week

gas ringBreaking news this morning is that energy prices “may rise more than 60% by 2016”. Press Association. Independent. BBC. The story says that prices will then fall back.

At Transition it makes perfect sense that prices will rise, but we do not believe that they will then fall again. We believe that supplies of oil and gas are limited, and as production becomes more difficult while more and more people are wanting to buy that energy, so prices can only go up. Our priorities will then increasingly become: insulating our homes, generating more local energy, growing more local food, and creating more local jobs.

slowfood snailAt this week’s meeting of Transition Farnham we heard an excellent report-back on the Farnham Food Festival on Saturday, and especially the idea of starting a Slow Food group here in Farnham.

We also heard that The Farnham Local Food initiative is holding an Open Day on 17 October.

There will be an opportunity to meet members of the Permaculture Association next Friday 16 October. The meeting should provide an ideal opportunity for the starting of a local permaculture network in the West Surrey and NE Hampshire Borders area. More details here.

Other topics in our meeting included reorganising the way that we meet (in person and on-line) and the possibility of funding for one member of Transition Farnham to work part-time on the project. Details here.

And a member of the Transition Farnham core team has been featured in Waverley’s Making Waves magazine for her work in designing the new Contemporary Garden recently unveiled outside the Museum of Farnham.

Finally, Oxford University have contacted us about a new on-line tool which you can use to monitor and reduce your household energy usage. (Might be useful if prices are going up by 60%!). You can read more about it, and access it, here.

Have a great weekend.

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