A community play for Farnham


pic_com1Community plays are great fun.

They tell the story of a town or a place, and bring people together in a way that lasts long after the last curtain has fallen.

Members of Transition Town Farnham are part of a growing group of people who want to see such a community play put on in Farnham.

db_PC_2711We will be holding an open evening to explain more on Tuesday 20 October, at the church hall of the United Reform Church in South Street. Doors will be open from 7pm and the meeting will start at 7:30.

FightbackIf you would like to come along please send us an email, or register at the Facebook group “A Community Play for Farnham”.

You can also see photos there of some of the plays that have been put on in the past.

And tell your friends!


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One Response to A community play for Farnham

  1. Liz Carter says:

    As Company Manager of Claque Theatre, I just wanted to say how excited we are to be working with you in Farnham to produce a Community Play. We’re looking forward to an exciting year ahead and to learning more about the people, places and history that makes Farnham what it is today.

    A participant of last year’s play in East Grinstead, West Sussex wrote to me recently saying:

    “I’ve connected the story of my life to the stories of all the people who’ve lived here. I have a new sense that what happens from here on is also up to me. I wouldn’t have missed that for anything”

    Farnham Community Play will be about including everyone who wants to be involved in an high quality, exciting and memorable programme of arts and heritage activities.

    If you have any questions about Community Plays, please visit our webiste on http://www.claquetheatre.com or contact me directly on liz@claquetheatre.com

    Very best wishes – Liz Carter

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