Farnham’s Planning Future

Lower-Church-Lane_01Yes, you read it right — that’s “Farnham’s Planning Future”, not “Planning Farnham’s Future”.

Page 3 of the Farnham Herald last week ran a story that the Council is offering residents the opportunity to comment on proposals for the future of planning & development in Farnham.

Three workshops have already been held*, and the answers they obtained have since been used to create a new, on-line survey, which you can now take part in if you want to influence the future of the planning process in Farnham.

This Farnham Town Council web page says that the input you give will be used “to put together a document called ‘Farnham Area Design Statement’. This document will be able to influence the planning process for Farnham.”

So, please click here to give your input: http://www.farnham.gov.uk/life/farnhams-planning-future/shaping-farnham.html

When you get to question 11 (“Any other comments?”), we respectfully suggest that you might like to tell the council that in the low-carbon future to which we are all legally committed (80% reductions by 2050 mean that what we currently use on Monday will now have to last till Friday) the real priorities for planning are all about putting in place the new essentials:

1) Growing more local food in and around Farnham
2) Insulating our homes, shops, and offices to save energy (and money)
3) Cheap, efficient public transport
4) Building a strong local economy, through local jobs, local banking, and a local currency
5) A vibrant local community, arts and entertainments

You can read the background to this consultation here: http://www.farnham.gov.uk/life/farnhams-planning-future.html

* And here are the ten questions asked by Farnham Town Council in its earlier workshops:

  1. What would you say are special, distinguishing characteristics of the historic core of Farnham?
  2. What other parts of Farnham have special characteristics which should be preserved? Can you describe these characteristics?
  3. Town planning has been with us since 1947. If you think the planning system has helped Farnham, can you say why? And if you don’t think so, please also explain why we would be better off without it?
  4. Do you think the balance between the needs of commerce and the needs of residents in Farnham is about right? If not, can you say why?
  5. Is there anything which the planning process could bring to Farnham which would improve it?
  6. Do you think that the needs of all sectors of the population of Farnham are adequately met? What could the planning process bring to Farnham to help to provide anything that is missing?
  7. What are the worst aspects of Farnham, which could be improved by good use of the planning process?
  8. Planning policies protect certain parts of Farnham – for example where there is conservation or landscape value. Would you like to see special policies introduced to protect other areas? Where and why?
  9. If we accept that more housing is needed in the South East of England, how can Farnham best play its part in helping to achieve this?
  10. Would you like to see Farnham promoted more – as a place to live in, to work in, or to visit? How might this be done? Is this a job for the local authorities?

The answers they obtained are here: http://farnham.gov.uk/fileadmin/content/Download/design-statement-workshop-comments.pdf

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