TTF meeting report from 19 Oct 2009

P1050295Seven of us met at The Barn surrounded by the aroma of fresh ginger tea.

We discussed urgent topics first.

Many will be away this Sunday, 25 Oct., for the One World Week event at St.Andrews. If Chris cannot man the stall we should ask Rob if TTF can ‘cohabit’ with his Cameroon project stall. Otherwise we will have to opt out.

P1050293Leaflets: We agreed to print 250 of Joyce’s new TTF promotional leaflet.

Local Food: Joyce and Finn are keen to find out how much food is being grown locally, by whom, and what the ‘gap’ is between production and how much food we need to feed 38,000 people. As a result we may be able to make suggestions on how to encourage appropriate local food production.

Ian was concerned about the gap between projects being proposed and actually getting them done.

We discussed ways to move projects out of the ‘waiting room’ and towards definition and delivery.

Ideas included a Dragons Den format for vetting projects.

P1050297Caspar thought his Sustainable Modern Living project hadn’t got very far.

But on further questioning, several members were keen for him to write up his findings to date.

Several people (including me) were already putting the principles into practice.

Meetings: Some weeks ago we discussed and more or less agreed to change to meeting every two weeks. Both Finn and I agreed that we would prefer to continue with a weekly meeting since the numbers coming had increased and they are seen by all as valuable. The meeting agreed. Members can always vote with their feet.

P1050298We also agreed to look at changing from Google Groups to Ning and (most people) promised to take a look at the Transition Forest Row site.

Please would everyone take a look! We need to improve our internal communications.

The site is at and looks vibrant and easy to navigate. You can also check out becoming a member of

P1050300Most of the Notices are likely to appear as separate items but here’s a summary:

– 28 Nov. is an Eco Day at the West End Centre. We have been invited to have a stall. Paul W volunteered to take this on.

– The promised funding of a part-time worker is not in place yet but Finn will continue to chase.

– The Permaculture meeting in Farnham on 16 Oct. was excellent.

– Ian has a new paper on gardening Interstitial Spaces to be sent around by email.

Paul has been harvesting pears and juicing them.

Have a good week! Do come to the meeting next Monday at St Thomas on the Bourne.

Report by Taff.

Chair for next week not yet chosen.

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