One World Week

As part of a campaign to introduce the idea of One World Linking to the people of Farnham a small display was set up in St Andrew’s church on Sunday 25th October as part of Farnham’s One World Week celebration event.

The OWW event was organised by Jenny Floyer, under the auspices of Churches Together in Farnham, and included a range of stalls and displays set up in the church to show what local people were doing to promote global social and ecological justice.

The event was very well attended. During the afternoon Jenny brought us all together for 40 minutes of praise and prayer when we heard an excellent talk by Rev’d. Jonathan Still on the moral challenge of economic consumerism and the obligation instead to embrace a life-giving ecology of relationship.

Several ideas surfaced in conversation about One World Linking in Farnham. One was the idea of a survey to find out how much international, principally North/South, linking is going on in Farnham. This would cover schools, churches, charities, businesses and any other sectoral linking (eg. Health, LAs etc.) with communities in the South.

Such a survey would be timely in view of the new DFID Community Linking Programme which is currently seeking participants in its own nationwide survey, see the webpage .

Another was to open up a discussion around the idea of creating a Farnham One World Forum where these various different forms of North/South linking could share experience and develop a system of collaborative support and information exchange.

It was also good to meet the Mayor of Farnham, Cllr Lucinda Fleming, and discuss the furtherance of a possible link between Waverley Borough Council and the Sub-Divisional Council of Bamenda III in Cameroon.

Several communications requesting the formation of such a link have been made by the Mayor of Bamenda III. If WBC and Bamenda III could establish a link at municipal level this would serve, in due course, to facilitate local community to community linking between the two districts. An exciting prospect!

Any further ideas are welcome to build One World Linking in Farnham, please contact me: I am happy to act as a postbox protem.

Attached are photos of the One World Linking display made possible by help from Chris Secker (construction) and by the kind supply of resource material from the following:

Illustrative literature supplied by UKOWLA (a UK support organisation for N/S linking) and Gold Star Communities (UK’s most advanced scheme, Welsh Assembly funded, and aims to develop criteria for successful linking).

Other resources from Guildford Diocesan Links officer (the Nigeria link was formally established in 1965) and from All Hallow’s School who have a link with St Paul’s College in Bamenda III, Cameroon ( a new link facilitated by the RC Diocese of Portsmouth and funded through DFID’s Global Schools’ Partnership Programme).

Literature and artefacts from my own link with BetterWorld Cameroon ngo in Yaounde, Cameroon; more drums from Chris.

Thanks to everyone, especially Jenny, who made a successful event possible!


Tel: (01420) 22094

Email:  rf[dot]simpson[at]talk21[dot]com

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  1. Rob Simpson says:

    I have sent the photos separately.

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