Do something amazing!

Last week I did something — I changed my shopping habits!

Think about that for a moment. When was the last time you changed the place you shop?

Especially for your food shopping, I bet you go to the same place week after week. A so-called “super”market.

greengrocerI used to do the same, but last week I walked into the greengrocer on Downing Street.

I picked out a handful of carrots, some potatoes, and some other veg as well.

All in all I filled up two carrier bags.

Price at the so-called “super”market for this little haul would have been about £12.

Price at the grocers was £6.45. For two carrier bags full!

It was fresh (the beetroots were delivered by the farmer while I was there, fresh-dug that morning), it was local, and it was cheap.

No more “super”markets for me!

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