We have been wondering for a while about whether to use a different tool for our on-line discussions between meetings.

Quite soon after we started last year, we started using Googlegroups.

The tool was simple, cheap (free!) and easy to use.

But recently it has become clear that we now want to achieve more than we can using Googlegroups.

Old discussions about Facebook resurfaced, and we began to look again at other tools.

ning-siteAt Monday’s meeting we decided to switch to Ning. This tool is also free, and has the same core “Discussion Forum” functionality as Googlegroups.

But the layout is better looking (we think), and Ning also allows discussions to be focused around specific groups. Like Facebook, ning also allows people to sign up and send messages directly to one another.

So the old Googlegroup will be left just where it is, and people who want to continue existing discussions can copy them over and paste them into the new site.

The address for the new tool is now: http://transitionfarnham.ning.com/

We believe this tool will be much better at enabling us to form an on-line community, so please visit us and join in!

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