Round up of the Transition Week

Welcome to another round-up!

Monday’s meeting was held at the home of one transitioner — a new departure for us, and rather fun to share food together as well as discuss ideas. We discussed the Interstitial Spaces project, loftbusting, Alice Holt, and the possibilities of holding a new series of meetings. We also arranged a visit to a local eco-home. More details are here.

As part of that meeting we also decided to move over to a new social networking site for our on-line discussions. Ning gives us all the functionality of the googlegroup site we have been using, plus the ability to form groups interested in specific topics, and send messages directly between individuals. We hope that you like it. You can read more about it here, or join us here.

Also this week, Transition Haslemere reported their first birthday party. Warren Buffet placed a $26bn bet that the Transition Movement is right. And 350 set out their stall in Barcelona. You can also watch a video here of a Transition Initiative in the USA.

Finally, next Monday 9 November we will either be meeting at 40 Degreez or The Plough in West Street. Neither has been finally arranged yet so please check the Contact page on Monday for final details.

Apologies for any inconvenience. I’m off now on my permaculture design course tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday. Have a great weekend! From all of us at Transition Town Farnham.

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