Notes from last night’s meeting

Well, after all that only 5 people turned up to the specially arranged meeting at 40 Degreez, but we nevertheless had a good time and a good meeting, and a good chat with Janet Maines.

Paul wanted to talk about insulating his windows. Joyce wanted us to support the FLFI on any upcoming dig days. Taff told us the locations he has arranged for the next four meetings. And newcomer Ruth from the USA told us that there is a Farnham just outside New York. (She also gave much other useful input.)

And we also did a cracking trade in home-grown eggs and apple juice.

Next week’s meeting will be at The Plough Inn, 74 West Street.

Insulating Windows

Paul has a 1930s semi and wants to glaze his windows at low cost. He wonders whether perspex sheets would be good enough.

After some discussion we all agreed that Tom was the best person to consult about this for precise figures. But we all had experience of using simple perspex sheets to cut down on heat loss (and noise). Problems with scratching and misting could be easily minimized, and this provided a cost effective solution. Heat-shrink ‘cling film’ had also been tried and had been found to be effective.

The conclusion was: try one window, and see what happens!

P1050384 P1050385

Supporting FLFI

Joyce wondered whether we might help the FLFI if they had a digging day and needed extra support. We all agreed this was a good idea, though it will need to fit with individuals’ diaries.

P1050386 P1050387

Locations of Meetings

Taff proposed the following locations, which we all agreed:

16 November, The Plough Inn, 74 West Street

23 November, The Barn (down the side of Woolworths)

30 November, The Barn (down the side of Woolworths)

7 December: 12 Three Stiles Road

14 December: Christmas Party, 7 Coleson Hill Road


Farnham, New York

Ruth asked what we could learn from our twin towns in Europe and the United States. We said we don’t have a twin town in the USA, but she told us  there is a Farnham in New York State (“population 322 at the 2000 census”).

This somehow led to a conversation about whether we could encourage Farnham Town Council to do anything (if indeed they have any power to do anything) and ditto for Waverley Borough and Surrey County Council. Smehow, by a circuitous route, we came to the idea of carrying out a survey of what the people on our email distribution list (latest count, just over 100) would like us to do next year. Do they want more information? Do they want to know how to do things? Or do they want to roll their sleeves up and get cracking on activities we simply aren’t arranging?

Ruth, who has a background in Market Research, said she would collate the survey and put it on to Survey Monkey for us. The main criteria are that it is simple and short (and comprehensive!).

Finn will now circulate a draft survey amongst the core group for feedback.

If you are reading this and have any suggestions for things we could/should be doing next year, and/or skills and experience you would like to contribute, please add a comment below.

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One Response to Notes from last night’s meeting

  1. Rob Simpson says:

    It always comes down to this: Survey, survey and survey again!

    Can we see a draft survey questionnaire and make input into its final form, please.

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