President Nasheed of the Maldives

The Maldives are a wonderful place to go on holiday (although unfortunately I’ve never been).

Maldives 1

Unfortunately nearly all of the country is less than one metre above sea level.

Our EU government has set two degrees C as the safe limit for climate change, but it has not yet committed to the carbon targets which would achieve this.

If the temperature rise passes two degrees, the Maldives disappear under water.

This week their president made an eloquent speech, saying:

We are gathered here because we are the most vulnerable group of nations to climate change.

Some might prefer us to suffer in silence but today we have decided to speak…we will not die quietly.

At two degrees we would lose the coral reefs. At two degrees we would melt Greenland. At two degrees my country would not survive.

As a president I cannot accept this. As a person I cannot accept this.

I refuse to believe that it is too late, and that we cannot do any about it. Copenhagen is our date with destiny. Let us go there with a better plan.

If you would like to go on holiday to the Maldives one day, or if you would like your children’s children to be able to, you can sign a petition to influence the Copenhagen meeting here:

Help turn grassroots action into political momentum.

Thank you.

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