“Climate Change Public Debate: Global Challenges, Local Solutions”

I am sorry to say that I was deeply disappointed in last night’s meeting in Woking, organised by the Institute of Mechanical Engineers.

I had expected great things: a vision and a plan of how to get there.

The blurb had promised “a debate that will overview the Climate Change Act, its requirements, targets and what it means to you from a local community perspective. The focus is on the individual and the changes we will all experience over the next ten to twenty years as legally binding climate change targets are enforced.”

The panel looked good too: it included the UK Chief Executive of E-On, a member of the government’s Committee on Climate Change, the Head of the Energy Saving Trust for the South East of England, the founder of the Green Economics Institute, and the Managing Director of Woking Council’s innovative energy company ThamesWey.

“You will have the opportunity to question a leading panel of climate change experts and discover if we really can save our planet” they said. But instead what we heard was a series of platitudes that understated the problem, played to self-interest, and completely missed the scale and urgency of the solutions we need.

So, instead of a blow by blow account of the evening, here is a rather amusing video from Sweden about whether people might like to take the escalator or the stairs:

(Thanks to my mum for sending me this one! :))

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