Notes from last night’s meeting

A very good buzz at last night’s meeting in the Barn.

Topics for discussion included:

– 2010 planning
– the ning website
– the West End eco-event
– Sustainable Modern Lifestyles

Announcements included: Green Energy transfer cards, an interstitial space(!) in the Chantries, surveying household energy usage, and the WinACC conference in Winchester last week.

Thanks to Tom and Rob for chairing and taking notes.

Next week’s meeting will also be at The Barn, 7:30pm.

Recordings of TTF meeting at The Barn

7.30 pm Monday 23rd November 2009

Present: Rob Simpson, Ruth Naylor, Chris Secker, David Hepper, Tom Lankester, Ian Bysh, Paul Whewell, Casper Grey, Finn Jackson, Joyce Hurd, Cian Duggan.


David raised topic of Finn’s proposal for a 2010 planning exercise. He asked who has done anything about this. Rob and Tom have submitted planning proposals. Ian said that he wanted to see Farnham centre pedestrianised and more people cycling in Farnham.

David then started a discussion about the ning social network site. Should we have an exclusive core group site without public access? Should we retain the wordpress site or not? Rob argued that this was important for visitors not familiar with social network sites. And that it can provide an introductory overview of Transition Movement in Farnham. Not everyone happy about the ning site: Ian can’t access it from work.

Open Spaces session:

West End Eco event group

Proposed display title on Saturday Sustainable Futures: the transition to Low Carbon. Using Alex’s 6 panel system with each panel displaying attractive posters about one of the following themes:

– Optimum Population Trust
– Permaculture
– Slow Food & Local Food
– Growing Communities
– Eco re-furb
– Greenways

Ian to provide 50 Garden Share leaflets and ppt on Interstitial Spaces.

Tom to provide A3 poster for Greenways and electric bike.

Cian advised on eco re-furbs about sourcing material from EST, B&Q, and Warm Front.

David will contact OPT for A3 posters.

Sustainable Modern Lifestyle group

A large group but difficult to focus. No clear outcomes, but a good discussion had by all.

Open Space Feedback:

Paul wants advice on how to baseline survey houses. Tom recommended accessing and looking at Carbon Clubs.

David suggested setting up a ning thread for imeasure.


Tom offered green energy company transfer cards on offer & LED bulbs on display.

Ian has found an interstitial space and participants in The Chantrys

Paul seeks advice on baseline survey of current energy consumption and assistance with the West End eco-event on Saturday 28 November.

Rob to post on ning site his notes on the WinACC conference “Transition to Low Carbon”

Casper to lead discussion on Sustainable Modern Life styles.

Ruth to focus on goals.

David has finished his loft busting and said the hire of 40 Degreez YC cost £30. We agreed that the difference between the £12 raised on the night and  the £30 charged by 40 Degreez would be made up from Transition funds.

End of Meeting

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