What’s happening in Transition UK?

How’s it going in Transition?

Well, here’s one view, by an academic from the University of East Anglia.

She lays out the different kinds of communities that have become transition initiatives, and how they got started. She describes their priorities and how the groups are working. She describes what the different groups have achieved, and the challenges faced.

The key findings (in brief) are:

> Establishing Transition groups and maintaining momentum are big achievements for volunteer community activists, and managing the dynamics of voluntary groups is not a trivial issue.

> There is a limit to how much support or interest can be gained using awareness raising. Attracting people to join in practical projects might be a more effective way of building community engagement.

> Transition initiatives struggle to achieve a lot, with limited resources, and would benefit from funding (financial or in kind) from other organisations …there is clearly a role here for local councils to support (not direct or lead) Transition initiatives.

> Food and gardening projects are far and away the most popular ways for Transition initiatives to start. Local councils could promote these activities by offering more land for allotments and community gardens, as a first step.

Alongside that, here is a detailed insight into what’s going on in Transition Initiatives across the East of England.

To me the best bit is actually the section that lays out the ‘challenges’ faced by the different initiatives — “Transition Troubleshooting”, page 16 onwards. It shows me that others are facing the same issues we are, and they are carrying on regardless.

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