Round up of the week

A shorter round-up this week, and a question.

We are thinking of publishing this transition newsletter less often. Would you like to receive it once a fortnight? Once a month? Or stick to once a week?

What kinds of things are you most interested to hear about: What Transition Farnham is doing? Things that other parts of the Transition Network are doing? Or wider news about climate change and sustainability?

Let us know, please.

You can see an overview of the current state of Transition here. And you can watch a video of Rob Hopkins giving his TED talk here.

Monday’s meeting was a lively affair — a good buzz at The Barn. I am just sorry I missed most of it!

On Thursday, Surrey’s first ever cross-sector local food event held at Loseley Park was well-attended, but there were fewer local food producers than I had hoped. Our research project next year, “Can Farnham Feed Itself” (see the Totnes example here) will no doubt identify many opportunities for new producers locally.

And tomorrow there’s an autumn eco/crafts festival at the West End Centre, from 10:30 till 4:30 — ideal to find a unique Christmas gift, plus entertainment.

Other upcoming events are the Wave climate change march in London, 5 December, and the Transition Farnham Christmas Party on 14 December.

Finally, did you know that the government is planning to allow product placement in TV programmes made in the UK? In the USA this has led to massive spending junk food manufacturers (especially Coca-Cola), to “place” their products into TV programmes that children love. If you want to find out more, and/or do something about it, click here or here.

Have a great weekend!

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