First of ten principles for creating community

I am going to give over the next ten blog posts to Margaret Wheatley.

Margaret has deep insights into building community, which is (ultimately) what Transition Farnham is all about.

I’m not saying I agree with everything she says, or that this is the “official” Transition line.

But I do think it will be useful to remind ourselves of some of the key drivers that affect what we are working to achieve. I hope it will remind us as much what we are doing right, as what we can learn from.

Most of the videos are under two minutes long. Enjoy!

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One Response to First of ten principles for creating community

  1. Kathryn Brooke says:

    Finn, thanks for posting this series. She’s got a lot of good points to make, and does it clearly & succinctly. Very good sense, most of it, but also made me think just how much of a contrast her points are to the currently acceptable “corporate” thinking. We really need to digest these messages to start re-shaping our thinking, particularly as a potential change of government approaches. Some very good, practical illustrations of these principles and the shifts in thinking required in Barack Obama’s autobiog; “Dreams from My Father”

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