Round up of the week

As the Christmas slow down begins in earnest (by which I mean of course  that the time spent doing Transition stuff slows down, while the time spent doing everything else to get ready for Christmas goes completely crazy!!) we have a short review this week.

The biggest event of the week hasn’t even happened yet. Tomorrow sees “The Wave“, a march that promises to be the UK’s biggest ever demonstration of public feeling about Climate Change. Several of us are going up to London for what promises to be a fun, inspiring, and community-filled event ahead of the Copenhagen talks next week.

Unfortunately I can’t be there, as I have School Stuff to do with number one son. But if you are thinking of going, do get in touch and join us.

Whether you’re coming along or not, you might like to listen to this piece on BBC Radio 4 about heavy-handed policing of peaceful demonstrations. “Erosion of our civil liberties”, “Undemocratic”, “If we’d treated the suffragettes like then this women still wouldn’t have the vote” — that kind of thing. Thought-provoking.

Meanwhile, the Notes from our Monday Meeting have now been posted to our Ning site. This is where they will reside from now on, in the ‘Blog Posts’ section. Thanks to David for setting this up.

And Autumn Eco-Festival at the West End Centre last weekend was great fun and well-attended. Unfortunately we don’t have any notes or photos from it to share with you.

Finally, if you haven’t seen them, I can heartily recommend this series of videos by Margaret Wheatley that we have been running all week. In them she lays out the ten principles for building community. You can use them at work as well as in the home, and the first one is here. Or you can click through to YouTube and watch all ten together.

Next week’s meeting will be held at 12 Three Stiles Road, Monday 7 December, 7:30pm.

The following week will be our Christmas Party.

Have a great weekend!

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