In Transition

Not sure what all this Transition stuff is about??!?

Now you can watch the movie, here!

You can also watch the entire 50 minute movie  in higher quality on Vimeo, here:

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  1. We are Designers who have recently been forced to close our business activity by a neighbour moving in next to us , She objects to this business use of our House. I am 76 my wife 75 and as designers we do not retire . We feel we must use our property in another way.
    The nimby neighbour (millionairess) has acquired the trophy House adjacent and objected because our drive crosses hers to reach the lane. She has also planted Bamboo across the adjoining lawn. We think that with help we could plant our part of the lawn with fruit trees. Perhaps this may persuade this urban lady that there are other ways of using property than the urban celebrity culture approach. What would be a transitional way of doing this ? what do members think ?

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