Notes from Monday’s meeting

Transition Farnham Meeting Notes Monday 7th Dec 2009 Meeting held at Three Stiles Road

Present – David, Finn, Paula, Robert, Bysh, Paul, Chris.

Many thanks to Chris Secker for chairing and taking notes.

Next week’s meeting is our Christmas Party.

The Wave – Rob, Ian & Paul – Great event.  Transistion Farnham worked in partnership with Farnham UCA in organising a joint trip to the event in London.  A minibus with 17 students from the university driven by Ian mades it way to London whilst other members of Transition Farnham made their way by train.  There were a few logistical issues but all in all the event was spoken about very positively and there was a general felling of potential for further ‘shared’ events with UCA.  Following the event Robert was liasing with ‘Biscuit’ (President of environmental issues at UCA) to release an article for the farnham herald about the event.

FLFI Pub meeting – Rob.  Rob to attend a networking event on Tuesday 8th.

FCCT Printing Costs – Paul. Paul brought along a copy of the FCCT printing costs available to Transition Projects.  David Hepper agreed to register Transition with Heather at the FCCT office so that we would be eligable for a £100 grant for printing costs through them.

BioDansa – Bysh.  Bysh is planning on setting up a BioDansa event in Farnham some time in the new year.

Community Play – Finn. Moving slowly but shorly forward.  A meeting has been set for the Steering group on Jan 21st 2010.

Interstitial Spaces – Bysh.  small update and brief discussion about the best way forwards to work with the Chantrys community in creating their own interstitial space.  Attending the next community meeting/liasing closely with Amber Delves (Chantrys Waverly Community development worker) was agreed as a good way forward.

Discussions/open space:
– linking in with the students at UCA.  What would be the best route in? Biscuit? or Ben Taylor (Student rep and friend of chris). Discussed about inviting visiting speakers to the UCA campus or having film viewings etc.  Other possibilities included working with the barn to show films or inviting students to ‘green drinks’ (see meetings in 2010) or similar.

Candle 350 – National Avaaz initiative. Finn to co-ordinate, agreed to have a candle lit vigil at the top of Downing Street on Saturday 12th december during late afternoon approx 4pm.  See finns e-mail for more information.

Meetings in 2010 – Discussion about where/when how meetings would take place in 2010. The results were as followed.  Meetings would still take place in the new year weekly on Mondays.  On a bi-weekly basis we would have our ‘normal’ logistical/discussive meetings, probably based at the Barn (booking permitted) which is central and relatively neutral.  on the alternate weeks our plan is to have a ‘green drinks’ event one monday per month and on the remaining monday have a varied meeting which might include learning new practical skills, visits, inspiring speakers, film viewing, meals together etc.  The ‘green drinks’ event would be an open kind of meeting based in a local pub – It was suggested that we approach the Plough about this because of the interest already in Transition.

A regular month would therefore look something like this:
1st monday:    Barn regular meeting
2nd Monday:    Green Drinks @ Plough
3rd Monday:    Barn Regular meeting
4th Monday:    Special event – trip to rural life, or visiting speaker about eco fuels, or green meal etc

Plan for 2010 – Finn e-mailed a draft plan for 2010 which he had little feedback on, does that mean it’s ok? Discussion about £5000 grant and how we would want to use it? Discussion about involving UCA (seetraining discussion for more info). Question about how the Farnham food Plan should take shape.

Next meeting — Transition Party Monday 14th @ Finns Wrecclesham Crib! Bring something nice and sustainable to share 🙂

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