Life is cheap!!!

Climate deniers (and yes, there are still one or two of them left out there) have two main arguments for not doing something about climate change.

The first is that “it’s not proven”. And the second is “it’ll cost money”.

The answer to the first is something like, “It’s not proven that if I’m 15 stone overweight then I’ll definitely have a heart attack either — but if 99.9% of the world’s doctors all line up to tell me I will, doesn’t it make sense to cut down on the fatty food a little?”

And the answer to the second is, “The cost is barely a fraction of what you might think.”

Thanks to Paul for pointing out that the New Scientist has done some research to work out that “We can afford to go green“.

You can read the full article here, but some of the headlines are:

  • +2% on electronics: A top-range £1000 laptop would cost only £20 more
  • +0% on communications: UK phone bills will be essentially unaffected
  • +1% on food: That means £1 more for every £100 you spend, which is about the same as you get back in loyalty points from the two largest supermarkets.
  • +1% on clothing: A £500 men’s suit will become only £5 more expensive. A £200 M&S suit will be just £2 more.
  • +15% on electricity: A typical UK household spends £400 a year on electricity (I wish I lived in a “typical UK household”, Ed.) This will rise by roughly £60… But not if you decide to insulate your loft and cavity walls!!
  • +140% on air travel: A return flight from London to New York would jump from £350 to around £840. Yes, air travel will need to go up. But we know it is too cheap anyway, and we will still be able to get around the world for important and special occasions.
  • +2% on alcohol: The cost of a pint of beer will rise by about 6 pence by 2050. That’s less than the Chancellor adds every year at budget time!
  • +1% on cars: A new Toyota Prius, currently about £20,000, will cost £240 more in a low-carbon 2050
  • +2% on household goods: The price of a £200 washing machine or fridge freezer will go up by less than a fiver.

Now that’s not the end of the world, is it?

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