Round up of the week

Welcome to the first round up of the decade!

And we seem to have hit the ground running…

First, you still have a few hours to sign up for our first Biodanza workshop TOMORROW (Sunday 17 January). Biodanza is a system, or a form, of learning about yourself and your interactions with life and people, through movement and dance. It’s also great fun! To book a place, ring Ian today (Saturday) on 07919 341167.

On 19 January we will be meeting Waverley Borough Council to help plan a “market stall” event between us, them, and the other two Transition Towns in the borough. At that market stall event we will looking at how each of the departments in the council might prepare for peak oil and climate change, and use this as an opportunity to improve the quality of life in the borough.

The following week, 26 January, we will be talking about a different borough — The Borough in Farnham. The meeting is being organised by Surrey County Council and Waverley BC to find short and medium term solutions to the air quality problems in the town. Our resident expert Tom Lankester will be representing Transition Farnham. Solutions look likely to include better public transport, and more facilities for bicycles, pedestrians, and electric vehicles.

If you would like an all expenses paid trip to Germany, to attend a Transition Europe Conference in May, click here to find out more.

At our meeting on Monday we got an update on the progress of the exciting Interstitial Spaces project, as well as discussing the idea of a “2020 Vision for Farnham” project.

Finally, we are making a transition of our own at the moment: from this site over to Ning. We are still learning, and there seem to be some teething problems as well as many advantages, so do pop over and check it out. Let us know what you think.

Our next meeting will take place on Monday 18 January, at The Barn, from 7:30pm.

Have a great weekend.

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