The day job…

From Tom:

Just a bit of bling from the space world. I am working on a vegetation monitoring service at work and we just produced this animated view of the first 6 weeks of 2010, showing the green pigment (chlorophyll) content of vegetation across the British Isles. We get the raw data from the European Space Agency ENVIronmental SATellite (ENVISAT) then process it with help from Southampton University.

What you see in the animation is coloured with higher vegetation (chlorophyll) as dark green getting progressively lighter and paler as the vegetation intensity drops off. Starting on January 1st, the intensity of vegetation progressively decreases as it is ‘burnt’ by the cold winter weather. There are a few gaps in the coverage over London and highlands as there is too little vegetation to pick out a signal.

We will be supplying this animation and updates, to the Woodland Trust in support of their Spring Nature’s Calendar (phenology) campaign.


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