Are you a lifestyle leader? — Leading the Way to a Low-Energy Future

Someone in the USA has done a global study of changes people are making to prepare for peak oil and climate change.

She questioned over 2,000 people from the US, Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand and found:

  • 82% of them reducing purchases
  • 81% buying more local goods and services
  • 78% conserving energy
  • 66% buying organic
  • 59% walking/cycling
  • 56% reducing the number of miles they drive
  • and so on… (more details in the link below)

The researcher contrasts her disappointment with the failure of government leaders to act, with admiration for the actions of “lifestyle leaders”.

Key barriers to change are cost and lack of support from family and society. But, she says, nine out of ten lifestyle leaders are helping others to make similar changes.

You can read more here:

The full report is attached here: Lessons from Lifestyle Change Leaders – Megan Bachman – February 20…



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